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Top 13 Death Head Hawk Moth Tattoos

Posted on 09 February 2013 by Karen L. Hudson

Made popular by the iconic scary movie, The Silence of the Lambs, the Death’s Head Hawkmoth is a fascinating creature. Not only does it look menacing with a skull-like design tattooed on its back, but the moth – when threatened – makes a creepy, high-pitched noise that will make the hairs on your neck stand out.

For those fascinated by nature’s quirks and those who love scary movies, the Death’s Head moth makes for a great tattoo. Here are the Top 13 Death Moth tattoos for your enjoyment.

Philly Skull web-by-Matthew-Clarke

Death Head Moth and Skull Tattoo by Matthew Clarke


Death Head Moth Chandelier Tattoo by Mark Lonsdale

g.neo traditional death head moth by Todd Bailey

Neo-Traditional Death Head Moth and Cherry Blossoms Tattoo by Todd Bailey


Death Head Hawk Moth and Leaves Tattoo by Evan Dowdell

Death Head Moth by Kelly Doty

Death Head Hawk Moth Tattoo by Kelly Doty


Deaths Head Moth Tattoo - by Fiendish Design (deviantart)


Death's Head Hawk Moth Tattoo by Caroline Moody


Death Head Moth Tattoo by Muriel Zao


Death Head Moths Tattoo by Alycia Harr


Huge Death Head Hawk Moth Lower Back Tattoo by Ben Rettke


Death Head Moth Tattoo Divided on Two Hands - Artist Unknown


Stylized Neo-Traditional Death Head Moth Tattoo - Unknown Artist


Death Head Hawk Moth Tattoo - Most Anatomically Correct - Artist Unknown

top-13-death-mothPhilly Skull web-by-Matthew-ClarkeMark-Lonsdale-Tattoo-Bondi-Sydney-Deaths-Head-Mothg.neo traditional death head moth by Todd Baileyevan-dowdellDeath Head Moth by Kelly Dotydeaths_head_moth_by_fiendishdesign-GTAarea-Canadacaroline-a-moodyby-muriel-zaoby-alycia-harrben_rettke_death_moth_tattooartist-unknown-2artist-unknownunknown-artist

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